The Gunn Philosophy - One Simple Price in San Antonio, TX

The Gunn Philosophy at Our San Antonio Acura Dealership Means Amazing Customer Service.

What drives people to our San Antonio Acura dealership serving New Braunfels, San Marcos and Boerne, TX? It all boils down to the Gunn Philosophy which is based on the One Simple Price promise. This promise we make with each and every one of our customers means that any transaction you make with us, from new or used car sales to auto financing, parts and service, is going to be simple and straightforward to understand. What you won't find here are pages of fine print and hidden costs, and that's what makes Gunn Acura a great place to shop.

The obvious benefit to the Gunn Philosophy is when you're shopping for a stunning new Acura San Antonio. We feature a stunning range of new Acura TLX, MDX and ILX models and we're sure we have the high-end premium ride that will satisfy your driving needs and your style. All of that comes with the simple process that the price you see is the price you'll pay. If a new Acura isn't in the cards, we feature a wide variety of high-quality used cars for you to consider. Again, we offer straightforward pricing on these pre-owned vehicles of all different makes and models, and you won't find any lemons on our lot.

Beyond the easy pricing and honest business practices, Gunn Acura offers a 48-hour, "no questions asked" return policy, roadside assistance and several warranty deals for you to consider. That philosophy continues when we take you through the auto loan or lease process. And you'll find a similar attitude when taking your vehicle into our service center for maintenance or repairs. You'll understand what needs to be done on your car, and we'll do the job with expertise and fair pricing.

That's the Gunn Philosophy, and it's what we're all about here at Gunn Acura, so get started by coming over today.